Welcome to 2 Ton Digital

2 Ton Digital is uniquely resourced with highly skilled credentials in the areas of information security, network performance, hardware efficiency and code review. The HeavyThing library and its associated products, created and maintained by 2 Ton Digital, are visited and downloaded regularly throughout the world. These open source offerings are the single largest open source contribution of x86_64 assembly language and the perfect showcase of our level of expertise.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Programming and Design (Various languages)
  • Embedded Systems Programming
  • Systems Architecting and Analysis
  • Security Consulting
  • Code Security Review
  • Incident Response and Forensics
  • Automated Security Review
  • Penetration Testing
  • Encrypted Data Recovery

2 Ton Digital's current products are practical applications of the HeavyThing library. If you have other requirements from the library or products, we are happy to discuss and architect solutions. Our previous clients include Fortune 500 online organisations, along with a plethora of smaller companies.

Security-related Products

toplip - "the best place to hide something is right under your nose." With this in mind, we designed this product to allow clients to cryptographically 'hide' information, optionally within a common image type (PNG/JPG). It offers optional plausible deniability, multiple passphrase protection, no easily identifiable output markers, and simplified protection against brute force recovery attacks.

rwasa is a high performance web server with specific focus on performance across the board, and a TLS (security) performance increase over other OpenSSL servers. It is a drop-in replacement to nginx and many other web servers. Being hand written with assembly language cryptography has given rwasa a significant speed and efficiency increase. Unlike other servers rwasa includes function hooks (ready made to facilitate Rapid Web Application Server in Assembler development) to allow custom programming at the web server level along with direct manipulation of web requests and responses.

sshtalk is our text-based chat program. It offers a highly secure, ephemeral (not stored, with no records) way to chat with anyone via the SSH2 protocol. This product will most likely have more mass-appeal to the tech community as it operates within a terminal screen (where they live at work).

dhtool is our Diffie-Hellman parameter generator, verifier, and conversion utility. It offers multi-CPU capability to safe prime searching, and verification services to existing DH-based systems.

webslap is the client (browser) side of our library and web communications. It is perfect for reporting on what happens, when it happens and what changed within your web operations and is a great tool for quality assurance purposes. There are numerous testing products available at present, however none (that we found) have the ability to test real-world scenarios. Before webslap (and the reason it was built) it was not possible to test TLS resumption rates on secure sites in a real world scenario - as it would happen for a real user. webslap acts like a real browser would. If you are running a website or web application, webslap allows you to:

  • time how long it takes to traverse a site as a normal user would (real world testing).
  • TLS resumption testing (secure site speeds) - this is a very important test for secure sites.
  • produce aaccurate times for multiple users on a site and report any failures (real world testing under increased traffic conditions).
  • determine peak load capabilities
  • test the effectiveness of third-party content delivery networks (CDN)

hnwatch is our terminal-based HackerNews real-time watcher/reader, useful for keeping an eye on Hacker News without using a browser for those that live in terminal windows.

We are proudly located in Cooroy, Australia. Contact us:

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